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Suggested Topics


  •    Port infrastructures and operational challenges
  •    Hinterland and foreland. Globalization
  •    Fourth and next generation ports
  •    Logistic zones. ZAL- Centres of transport
  •    Port CDM
  •    RFID & location systems at Ports
  •    Ships and ports safety and security
  •    Superyachts Marinas


Shipping Business

  •    International Maritime Business
  •    Eco/Co/multimodal transport
  •    Exploitation of maritime transport



  •    Ocean sustainability and protection
  •    Sea pollution and environmental protection
  •    Plastic and othe garbage accumulationNoise pollution


Human Element

  •    Working hours, fatigue and rest on board
  •    Leadership and team management
  •    Seafarers’ welfare
  •    Empowering of women


Maritime Education and Training

  •    Simulators, multimedia and App resources
  •    Computer-based assessments in seafaring  training
  •    Online training and refreshing training

Ships and navigation

  •    Navigation systems
  •    Ship development and emerging  technologies
  •    Ship dynamics and stability
  •    Control systems and manoeuvring
  •    Marine engineering
  •    Ship propulsion, equipment and automation
  •    Preventive and predictive maintenance
  •    e-navigation and e-maritime
  •    Sea traffic management